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New producer: Microgreen punnets from Sweetpea Market Garden, in Caxton

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We offer three different types of veg box, because we know that people cook in different ways. They differ in how much control you take over what you get. Which veg box are you?

For information about allergens, please see this page.








Picture of Breakfast treats

We've brought together all the goodies you might want for breakfast.

Picture of Arjuna Dry Goods

Grains, dried fruit, seeds and pulses from Arjuna Wholefoods.

Picture of Biona Essentials

For over 35 years Biona have specialised in high-quality, organic products.

We have chosen to stock some of the lines we consider 'essential', including pasta, pulses, tomato products and orange juice. Plus artichoke hearts because, why not?

Picture of Boxroll Toilet and Kitchen Paper

Manufactured in the UK from recycled paper.

Picture of Bulk Items

Some of your favourite items available to buy in bulk.

Picture of Cambridge Mushrooms

Cambridge Mushrooms are based in the village of Coton just on the outskirts of Cambridge. Here in their polytunnels and mushroom shed they grow all their produce, including Shiitake, Pioppino, and three types of Oyster mushrooms, using the finest cultivation methods resulting in delicious food of the highest quality.

Picture of Choice Box Range

Complete control over what goes in your box. Select the full contents of your veg box each week using our easy points system.

Picture of DONATE to Trees for Streets

This campaign is to raise money to make Cambridge even greener, by planting trees across our city's neighbourhoods, either in the streets or the local parks. Consider making a one off or a regular donation along with your veg box.

Trees for Streets is the National Street Tree Sponsorship Scheme. Established by the charity Trees for Cities in 2021, Trees for Streets is on a mission to fill towns and cities nationwide with trees.

We need to raise £200 per tree. This goes towards not just the tree itself and the planting, but also 3 years of maintenance to ensure its growth and success!

Picture of Equal Exchange Items

Equal Exchange is a worker-owned co-operative. Fair Trade is what they do now and what they were created for. They work with a wide range of farming communities to make the world a fairer and more transparent place.

We are stocking a number of their organic products.

Picture of Fitzbillies Bread

Fitzbillies is a true Cambridge institution. Generations of Cambridge folk have frequented the famous shop on Trumpington Street since it was founded in 1920. Current owners, Alison Wright and Tim Hayward rescued the bakery when its then owners went bankrupt in 2011. They also came to the rescue when long-standing Cambridge Organic supplier, Cobs Bakery was set to close in 2018. Fitzbillies use many of the same organic and local flours which Cobs used but no longer retain their organic certification.

Picture of Free-range organic eggs

Our eggs come from Haresield Farm in Wiltshire, run by Andrew Jackson. The welfare of the chickens is Andrew's primary concern. Haresfield farm chickens are free range and can exercise their natural behaviour outdoors and enjoy a healthy diet that is free from chemicals, GM ingredients and hormones. 

Picture of Fruit

Organic fruit to order on top of what you receive in your vegetable box. If you are a Choice box customer and want to select which fruit you get within your box, go to your basket, and click the link to select your contents there.

Picture of Fruit & Vegetables to add to your veg box

If you wish to order extra portions of fruit or vegetables in addition to your box you can do so here.

Picture of Hodmedods British Pulses and Grains

The really special thing about Hodmedods pulses and grains is that they are all grown in Britain, and quite often in the East Anglian region. These are all foods which were once a mainstay of the British diet, but have been marginalised by the commercial food industry. What they represent is a far more sustainable way of getting our protein: getting your potein from imported pulses, processed foods or meat is much less efficient. 

Picture of Hot Numbers Coffee

Hot Numbers Coffee Roasters are an Independent specialty coffee company. They roast selected coffee at their Roastery in Shepreth. 

Picture of Kettle Leaf Loose Leaf Tea

Kettle Leaf are a small independent artisan tea company based in the heart of Cambridge.

They believe in saving our planet and making sure that the tea growers and pickers get a fair wage for there work. Thats why all their tea is sourced through member organisations of the Ethical Tea Partnership .

Picture of Lemonaid

Organic and fair-trade soft drinks made from natural ingredients. The company has its own charitable foundation  which supports projects in the areas where the fair-trade ingredients are produced. Their motto is: Drinking helps.

Picture of Local Food Ecosystems Book

The book is being sold on a 'pay as you feel' basis and all proceeds will go to the development of the Cambridge Food Hub project. It's offered below at a number of different price points. 

We know that ‘system change’ is desperately needed, but what does ‘system change’ look like? And who is going to make it happen?

The ‘Local Food Ecosystem’ is a new concept in food supply chain coordination which conforms to a new and more forward-thinking economic model. It is founded upon principles such as balance, wholeness, circularity, diversity and interconnectivity, resulting in a food system which is less wasteful, more equitable, much kinder to our planet, much better for citizens in terms of the quality and healthiness of the food we get to eat, which nurtures food entrepreneurism to create vibrant local food economies, and which is, in every sense of the word, sustainable.

Featuring images and testimonies from Cambridge's food community.

Picture of Local Honey

Local honey, produced in Cambridge. 

Reduce, reuse, recycle: if you return your clean, empty jars to us we can get them back to our suppliers for reuse. Unfortunately the lids can't be reused so these will have to go into your recycling.

Picture of Minor Figures Oat M*lk

Minor Figures Organic Oat Milk is a dairy alternative made by coffee professionals.

Containing only certified organic ingredients, their Organic Oat Milk is designed to complement the true and unique flavours of the highest quality coffee. Suitable for vegans, made in the UK.

Picture of Ombar Chocolate

Ombar produce exquisite raw chocolate bars made with Fairtrade and organic ingredients at their chocolate factory, based in Sawston. 

Picture of Original Range

Best-value and most sustainable boxes. A great selection of veg (and fruit if you like), but no option to customise. By allowing us to make the selection, you save money, while we save on food waste.

Picture of OriginalPLUS+ Range

Get a great selection of produce but don't waste what you won't eat. You can tell us three things to always exclude from your box.

Picture of Priors Flour

The Priors Flour is milled at Fosters windmill in Swaffham Prior. Most of the grain comes from local farms and in particular the wholemeal and white flours are milled from wheat grown at Home Farm on the Wimpole Estate. Mills run by wind power are, of course, very good from a sustainability perspective.

Picture of Prospects Trust

Prospects Trust are one of our long-standing suppliers of organic produce. They are a charity farm, providing education and training to adults with learning disabilities. They've set up a  commercial kitchen, where the co-workers can make jams from the fruit they grow on the farm. They also produced seasonal gifts such as decorations.

None of these products are organic.

Picture of Totally Cultured Sauerkraut, Kimchi and Kefir

Fabulously fermented sauerkraut, kimchi and water kefir, handmade locally

Reduce, reuse, recycle: if you return your clean, empty jars to us we can get them back to Totally Cultured for reuse. 

Picture of Vegetables

Organic vegetables to order on top of what you receive in your vegetable box. If you are a Choice box customer and want to select which vegetables you get within your box, go to your basket, and click the link to select your contents there.

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