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Where is my veg from?

Please note this is a provisional list and items may change due to availability or to maintain quality. This list will be updated every Friday for the following week. Some of these items are available for Choice boxes only or as 'add ons' to your box which you do through the website.


Provisional list of produce for week beginning 24th June 2024

Potatoes, Valor - UK

Mushrooms - Capel Mushrooms, Suffolk, UK

Mixed Salad - Prospects Trust, Cambridgeshire, UK

Microgreens pot (limited, add-on only) - Sweetpea Market Garden, Caxton, Cambridgeshire, UK

Lettuce - Strawberry Fields, Lincolnshire, UK or Waterland Organics, Lode, Cambridgeshire, UK

Carrots, bunched - James Foskett, Suffolk, UK

Beetroot, bunched - James Foskett, Suffolk, UK

Radish, bunched - James Foskett, Suffolk, UK

Broad beans - Waterland Organics, Cambridgeshire, UK

Courgettes - Herefordshire, UK

Kohl rabi - Hampshire, UK


Onions - Netherlands

Sweet potato - Spain

Carrots, loose - Spain

Tomatoes, vine - Spain

Aubergine - Spain

Peppers, red- Spain

Courgettes - Spain

Kohl rabi - Spain

Cucumbers - Spain

Ginger - Peru

Turmeric - Peru

Chillies - Spain

Garlic - Spain



Bananas - Dom Rep

Apples - France

Grapefruit - Spain

Avocado - Peru

Pears - Argentina

Lemon - Italy

Lime - Brazil

Oranges - Spain

Apricots - Spain

Watermelon - Spain

Flat peaches - Spain

Plums - Spain

Mango - Ivory Coast

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