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Step-by-step guide

Ready to start a regular delivery of veg boxes, packed with produce sourced from local organic farms?

Our sign-up process will guide you through the whole process, but if you want a glimpse of how it works, here's our step-by-step guide:

Step 1: What's your postcode?

So we can tell you which day of the week we deliver to your area. Once we know which day we deliver to you, you can then pick which date you want to start your deliveries.


Step 2: Which veg box are you? (a) What type, what size, how often?

We offer three different types of veg box. They differ in how much control you take over what you get.

Need more help? Read our complete guide to our different boxes.


Select your contents each week.



Our selection based around you dislikes



We make the selection so you save money and we reduce food waste


What’s your size?

Not a polite question, we’ll admit! We’ve found there’s no straightforward map between size of household and size of box. It depends on how much veg you eat:

  • How many meals do you eat at home? How often do you eat out? Do you just cook with veg in the evening or at lunch and breakfast as well?
  • How much of your meals are prepared with fresh vegetables? Do you want your veggies to accompany main dishes (maybe meaty ones or bought-in ones)? Or are you making vegetarian/vegan main dishes that use even more veg?

Our three ranges of box are available in Small, Medium, Large and Giant, as veg-only or veg plus fruit. Here’s a very rough guide of which size to go for:

No. in house

Some cooking from scratch

Regularly cook from scratch

We eat veggies morning, noon and night!












G + extra

We use a system of points to make sure each size of box gives you the same value each week. Want to know more? There’s more detail in our FAQs.

You can add extra veg or fruit to your box, useful if your Choice box is not quite big enough, but you don’t want to go up to the next size. Or if you want to add specific items to your OriginalPLUS+ or Original box.

How often?

We offer weekly or fortnightly deliveries. Use the drop-down labelled ‘Please select how often’ to tell us which. Then add your veg box to your basket.

Remember, you can cancel individual deliveries whenever you need to.

Step 2 (b): Customise your box

You'll next be given the opportunity to customise what you get in your veg box. Different types of box have different customisation options. In future, you can access these options from your account and/or your basket/orders page.

#1: ‘Select your items’: pick your contents for the next delivery.

#2: ‘Manage your preference’: set up permanent preferences to act as a backup – either so we know what to substitute if we’re out of something, or if you forget to choose.

‘Manage your preferences’: set up the 3 things you want to exclude from your box on a permanent basis.

No preferences allowed.

Step 3: Add items to your veg box

Your veg box comes with free delivery: why not add to your order? You can add extra fresh produce, or anything from our broad range of groceries. Our groceries are either organic or produced by the Cambridge Food Hub’s community of local producers.

Decide how often you want to add them: select either just one delivery, weekly or fortnightly using the ‘Schedule’ drop-down menu.

Step 4: Provide your details and set up your direct debit

Once you're happy with your order, you'll need to give us the details we need to make your deliveries, including where you'd like us to leave your veg box if you're not in.

Paying for your veg box deliveries is really easy: just set up your direct debit and we'll request the correct amount each week. We only ask for the money AFTER each delivery.


Step 5: Checkout your order

Once you've set up your direct debit, we'll confirm your order and send you an email as well.



Our direct debit system makes it really easy to pay – and it helps us out by doing a lot of the admin of processing lots and lots of payments for us. We'd therefore like everyone who can to pay this way.

However, we are an inclusive company: we don't believe that not having access to a bank account should bar you from accessing good quality food. Please get in touch if you need to pay a different way. You won't be able to complete your first order online, so we'll need to set up an account for you. 

If you have an overseas bank account, you may not be able to set up a direct debit. Again, please get in touch, so we can set up your account and arrange an alternative method of payment.

We welcome payment with Healthy Start vouchers: paper vouchers can be returned as payment with your empty box.


Start Now

That’s how the service works. If you still have questions, check out the FAQs.

If you want to know more about us and the values that inspire what we do, then click here to find out ‘Who we are’.

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