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Recipes showcasing our produce and local products, created by Cambridge Organic staff. We will be adding more recipes as we develop the website.

Sweetcorn & Courgette Fritters with Avocado Dip

Fresh corn and courgette fritters are a hit.  Perfect for brunch or a light lunch with salad, something different for your sweetcorn.View recipe

Vegetable Christmas Crackers

Makes 4 large crackers. These squash and chestnut Christmas crackers are a tasty vegetarian or vegan centrepiece for the festive season. They can be made ahead of time and frozen...View recipe

Vegan Aubergine Cup Cakes

We are celebrating Cambridge Organics' 25th birthday! We have a good number of vegans on the team and wanted everybody to be included in these celebration cup cakes. These are rich, chocolaty and...View recipe

June's Winter Veg Soup

A recipe to warm the heart and the soul. Mixed vegetables, herbs and a little bit of butter creates a soup that is nutritious, tasty and creamy without the cream. Created following the handwritten...View recipe


What a nut roast! This wonderfully tasty, versatile veggie option can be served as a main at your festive meal, and can also be eaten on the side as stuffing. Use different cheese, veg and nuts to...View recipe

Seasonal greens shakshuka

This wonderfully flavoured and super healthy North African dish has been adapted to use green seasonal veg. Here we are using local asparagus, spinach and broad beans as our seasonal heroes with...View recipe

Sauersprout (or Brusselkraut!)

A festive spin on Sauerkraut, Sauersprout (or Brusselkraut!) from our vegetable connoisseur Crow. 

A simple combination of Brussels sprouts, carrot, salt, caraway seed, and time. The salt...View recipe


A showstopper for any festive meal. This colourful tart takes a bit of time but is well worth the effort. Bring this to the party and it will be very well received. What’s more you can swap in and...View recipe

Turmeric Ginger Citrusade

Summer calls for something fresh, zingy but soothing for those hot afternoons. The following drink can be made in advance and be kept in the fridge for impromptu entertaining. All you need is some...View recipe

No Faff Pilaff

It’s a one pot wonder!

Also known as ‘fruits of the fridge’ – brought to you by Crow Hedger

For those lucky souls who work at Cambridge Organic HQ on a Monday, there is often a tasty...View recipe


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