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Recipes showcasing our produce and local products, created by Cambridge Organic staff. We will be adding more recipes as we develop the website.

Roasted Carrots with Carrot Top Pesto

A root to stalk recipe. Beautifully caramelized carrots tossed in colourful carrot top pesto. A waste free recipe, ensuring we use
everything this vegetable has to offer! You can use any nut...View recipe

Wild Garlic Butter

Simple to make and can be used in all kinds of dishes - pastas, kievs, garlic bread, melted over jacket potatoes or griddled meat. Can be frozen when wrapped in baking parchment for up to 3 months...View recipe

Easy Rhubarb Cake

The ground almonds in this cake makes a wonderfully creamy base for the sweet and tart rhubarb topping. Perfect for seasonal local rhubarb in the spring. This is an all-in-one-bowl recipe, meaning...View recipe

Kale and chickpea stew

Bright green and full of flavour. The original recipe calls for Cavolo Nero but we have made this on repeat using curly kale and spinach. We have also replaced the chickpeas with butter beans. ...View recipe

Butternut Squash Soup

Serves 6.

Creamy and warming with the flavours of sage and rosemary. Will keep for up to 4 days in the fridge or you can freeze it.

I swapped a third of the butternut squash for...View recipe


Easy to make and delicious both hot and cold. It’s so versatile; you can use any vegetable you have. Whether a bumper load of root veg - carrot, sweet potato, squash, beetroot etc - or softer...View recipe

Sweetcorn & Courgette Fritters with Avocado Dip

Fresh corn and courgette fritters are a hit.  Perfect for brunch or a light lunch with salad, something different for your sweetcorn.View recipe

Vegetable Christmas Crackers

Makes 4 large crackers. These squash and chestnut Christmas crackers are a tasty vegetarian or vegan centrepiece for the festive season. They can be made ahead of time and frozen...View recipe

Vegan Aubergine Cup Cakes

We are celebrating Cambridge Organics' 25th birthday! We have a good number of vegans on the team and wanted everybody to be included in these celebration cup cakes. These are rich, chocolaty and...View recipe

June's Winter Veg Soup

A recipe to warm the heart and the soul. Mixed vegetables, herbs and a little bit of butter creates a soup that is nutritious, tasty and creamy without the cream. Created following the handwritten...View recipe


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