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We deliver organic veg boxes to the Cambridge area with produce sourced from local farms. You can select what you get in your box each week – or rely on us to put together a great selection.

#1 Choose your veg box

We offer three types of veg box to suit all types of home cook

#2 Customise

Either select what you get or set up your preferences.

#3 Add any extra items

Add groceries or extra produce to your veg box.

Time for a fresh perspective: see what we have to offer

The start of 2022 is a great time to change the way you buy your food


Shop greener and eat healthier with a regular veg box delivery

This new year, we are giving new members a choice of introductory offer:

1. Free local gift pack worth over £20

A selection of prepared foods from our 'Cambridge Food Hub' network of local artisan producers.
Use code GIFTPACK22 when you sign up.


2. 25% off your first order

Applies to both your veg box and any groceries you add to it.
Use code DISCOUNT22

3. Donate £10 to Cambridge Sustainable Food's surplus food redistribution centre

We'll donate to a great cause on your behalf.
Use code DONATE22
Only one code may be used per customer. New members only. Weekly or fortnightly deliveries continue automatically unless cancelled.
Which veg box are you?


Select your contents every week


Our selection tailored to exclude the things you don’t like


We select the contents – best value, most sustainable

C O R E V A L U E S :
Welcome to the new website!

We hope you enjoy using our new website and find it easy to use. Please let us know if you find anything that doesn’t work!

We’ve tried to get the new website up and running as quickly as possible, so members old and new can get the benefit of it. It’s still a work in progress: there are some pages, which are still to come, but their absence won’t affect the functioning of the rest of the site.


For existing members, the big change you'll notice is that you no longer need to checkout your Choice box selection. Your selection is stored as soon as you make it. The 'Confirm your order' button is only enabled when there are changes you need to save, so it's not there if you have only selected your Choice box and not added or subtracted any other products.

Once you are logged in, the Account icon and the Orders icon at the top of the page will take you to all the functions you need.

If you have added or subtracted any products, don't forget to go to your Orders page to confirm your changes.  

free delivery

Veg-box delivery is free:

including the groceries you add to your box

no need to be in

Just tell us where to leave your veg box

easy to pay

No hassle direct debit

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