Fitzbillies Bread changing from 18th October

Fri, 15/10/2021 - 12:13 -- alice

Fitzbillies are streamlining the range of bread they bake. They are finding it difficult to find the staff who are willing to work the traditional bakers’ night shifts, so are switching most production to the daytime and consolidating their range. For most of their wholesale customers, this has meant earlier ordering deadlines, but we wanted to maintain our own website’s ordering deadline of 5pm on the day before delivery. To facilitate this, we are going to stock the same range of bread which Fitzbillies stock in their own shops, so any late additions to our order can be fulfilled from their own stock and late removals can be sold by them. Here is the new range available from 18 October:

White Sourdough Baton £3.90

Made with Marriage’s organic flour now in just one, new size: 750g

Cambridge Seeded Sourdough Baton £4.10

Made with local organic wholemeal flour from Swaffham Prior windmill (with a blend of white and rye) plus sunflower, pumpkin and linseeds now in just one, new size: 750g

White Sandwich Tin 800g £2.70 – available sliced £2.90

made with Marriage’s organic white flour

Country Malt Sandwich Tin 800g £2.75 – available sliced £2.95

made with malted grains

White rolls pack of 6 £2.65

English muffins pack of 4 £2.85

Fruit Teacakes pack of 4 £4.25

Fruit scones pack of 4 £4.00

Granola 400g bag £4.50

We have emailed everyone with a regular order of a product which is affected to let them know whether (a) we won’t be able to deliver their usual bread after this week or (b) that we will automatically update their order to the new product if there is an obvious replacement.

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