Christmas at Cambridge Organic

Thu, 25/11/2021 - 14:19 -- alice

Christmas closures

We’ll be delivering veg boxes right up to Christmas Eve, but then we’ll take a break. We’ll be closed on Saturday 25 December and the whole of the following week. Veg-box deliveries will resume on Tuesday 4 January.

Special deliveries available for Saturday members

The way the days fall this year means that Saturday members will miss out on deliveries on both 25 December and 1 January. We are therefore offering Saturday people the chance to have a special delivery earlier in the week. You’ll need to contact us directly to request a special delivery slot, and there will be a minimum spend of £50 to make it worth us including you in our special delivery round.

Double up your veg box

As you will all miss out on at least one delivery over the Christmas period, everyone has the chance to double up on their last delivery before Christmas. To do this, go to our Christmas Products page and add the product 'Double up my veg box' to your order*. Or you can give us a ring on 01223 873300 or email We’ll deliver two of your normal veg box and we’ll knock 20% off the price of the second one.

Those of you with Choice boxes, please make your selection as usual and we’ll pack both boxes to the same list. You can also increase your order by adding additional quantities of fruit and veg as extras to accompany any veg box.

*In the magazine we mentioned a code, DOUBLE21, unfortunately we were unable to implement the code so have changed to a different method!

Jimmy’s and Wintercomfort

For many years, we have asked our veg-box members if they’d like to contribute to a collection for the homeless charities in Cambridge. Two years ago we introduced the option of adding a donation to your veg-box order online so it could be paid automatically in your direct debit. It was an enormous success. The first year we raised three times our previous record, collecting over £900, and last year we more than tripled that again, raising a (very much record-breaking) £3183! We’re so grateful for the generosity of everyone that donated last year.

If you’d like to donate this year, just go our website and add a £1, £5 or £10 donation to your order. It will appear on your next invoice as a product to be charged and be paid for in your next direct debit payment. As we’ve suspended the option to pay by cash during the pandemic, we won’t be accepting cash donations this year.

We’ll divide the donations between Jimmy’s Nightshelter and Wintercomfort.

We’ll also be making our own donation of fresh produce to the two charities on Christmas Eve – always one of the highlights of the festive period!


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