Direct debit issues - high arrears showing

Fri, 10/09/2021 - 14:56 -- alice

As you may be aware, we have recently switched over our direct debit provider from GoCardless to London and Zurich. During this switchover, there was a planned period of two weeks (week beginning 9th and 16th of August) during which we were not able to take payments from customers. However, we encountered a further problem, where our payments were scheduled to start collecting at the beginning of October, rather than the beginning of September. This means we had a third, unintended week (week beginning 30th August) where no payments were taken again.

When payments are not taken, the system starts to build up an owing balance. Last week, we finally got the system up and running, so you may have seen a high number leave your account. This is because the system is taking payments for any boxes that haven't been paid for in the past four weeks. 

Even if you were on holiday for some of those weeks (or, are currently on holiday), it would still have taken any money owed.

Please be reassured that this does not mean you are paying twice for boxes. The system will work as usual going forwards, where payment is taken weekly about a week after you receive your box.

New customers

If you have joined us since the new system has been put in place, you may have a further delay in seeing your first payment taken. It takes longer for the system to set up new customers, as we are currently looking at the 16th September as the earliest collection date for payments for new customers.

If you have any concerns or questions please


phone: 01223873300



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