Important information regarding CobsBakery

Wed, 27/06/2018 - 23:12 -- boxmaster

You will have read in our most recent newsletter that Alan Ackroyd, owner and head baker at CobsBakery, was recently taken seriously ill. We are happy to report that Alan is now recovering after his operation. However, he will not be baking again: And the decision was made that CobsBakery would close on the 7th of July

The happy news is that Fitzbillies have stepped in to save the day. They have now acquired CobsBakery, saving the jobs for the guys who work there and securing our supply of bread going forwards. There will be a week of transition, during which we will not be able to supply any bread. 

Essentially what this means is that There will be no CobsBakery bread during the week beginning 9th of July, but bread deliveries will resume again on the 16th of July.


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