Cobs Bakery new range and prices

Tue, 16/10/2018 - 12:08 -- boxmaster

Cobs have now produced a new range of breads and prices. As you know, Cobs was saved from closure by Fitzbillies back in July when founder, Alan Ackroyd, was forced to retire due to ill health. The new company has now had time to assess what range of bread they are going to bake from now on. They've also made some tough decisions about what prices the bread should retail at for the company to have a secure financial future.

The new range doesn't include some loaves from the previous Cobs line-up. So it's goodbye to the pain de campagne, the large plait, pizza bases and vineyard boule. There are some loaves which you may see in other outlets, but which we won't be able to stock: Cobs will no longer be baking teacakes and the continental fruit loaf everyday, so we can't list them as all our loaves are baked to order overnight. We've also decided not to offer the ciabatta and focaccia as these won't be made with organic flour.

Although Cobs have not applied for a renewed organic certification, the bread that we stock will all continue to be made with organic flour. The Olive loaf and Sun-dried tomato loaf will be made with organic flour, but their additions won't be organic.

The range also includes some new options: the large white and wholemeal loaves are available as both farmhouse tins and as bloomers. The small versions of both loaves will now be in bloomer form. There are also wholemeal and super seedy versions of the baps available for the first time. The baps are now in four-packs, but each bap has grown bigger (now 120g).

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